“Preparing to launch a professional small to large business website can often be a pain. Our company kept hitting brick walls with our search engine performance, CMS performance, and integrated software errors. We were running out of ideas in-house, when I stumbled across Ivinco. They were able to integrate and optimize new search functionality that our own team could not accomplish. The results were outstanding! Their consulting and development teams accomplished what others could not. Ivinco staff were extremely friendly and easy to communicate with. Ivinco is now our #1 development company when we need to outsource work. We would never think to use anyone else! Thanks for all your hard work Ivinco!”

– Christopher Pratt, PowerThink, LLC


“I met Ivinco’s top development team at Silicon Valley MySQL Conference two months ago. After attending a presentation they made, I was impressed and decided to hire them as consultants for an implementation to speed up our candidate searches in our job portal Empleos.net. Our experience with them proved I made a very wise decision hiring Ivinco. The project was implemented as expected and they were very responsive to changes and last minute requests we made. We will certainly use them again for future projects.”

– Johnny Tarcica, CEO, Empleos.Net
“Ivinco has helped us maximize the potential of the technologies we use in our project when our time was limited and we needed experts to help finish parts of the implementation. All communication has been timely, clear and filled with good solutions when there have been technical issues to overcome. We look forward to continue working with them.”
– Niklas Saers, Dansk Scanning A/S


“We are very happy with our site search solution.  It integrates seamlessly with our site and required very little work to set up. The indexing is flexible, and pulls together content from our website, forums, wiki and more.  In fact, it is better at searching our forum than the forum search is! The relevance of the results rivals any commercial solution we have seen, and the speed is amazing.  And it’s based on open-source software that’s fully under our control. The Ivinco team did a great job providing a turnkey search solution that helps visitors find what they need across all the Percona properties.”
– Baron Schwartz, Chief Performance Architect, Percona Inc.



“Through our work with the Ivinco team, we have been able to greatly enhance our overall system, all at the same time of keeping things on budget, which is very important in this market economy”

– BoardReader Team


“I have to say that I am very pleased with Sphinx performance, as our query speeds are even better than I expected, with most queries taking under 0.15 seconds. The team at Ivinco is very professional, reliable, and most of all very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to Sphinx architecture and deployment. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to save time migrating to Sphinx, and get it done right the first time!”
– Leon Bensonoff,  NetTuner Corp.



“I contacted the guys at Ivinco for an issue that I was having with the WordPress Sphinx plugin. I was completely amazed by their professionalism.
They managed to solve the issue super quick and offered me great support.
They have gained my trust and I will be happy to recommend them to anyone”

– AlbumKings Team