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Sergei Krupnik

Sergei Krupnik

August 12, 2022 ・ Value

Announcing HostedPMM Beta Release

Get open source PMM up and ready for monitoring your databases in a few clicks.

We are excited to announce the launch of the HostedPMM beta release! Hosted PMM is a service that allows you easily spin up a fully managed PMM server for monitoring databases in minutes.

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is an open-source database monitoring package loved by app developers and database administrators. PMM enables database performance monitoring, query analysis, real-time alerting, and much more! However, setting up PMM may be a complex process that involves deployment, network configuration, installing SSL certificates, and connecting agents. Managing PMM may also become a time-consuming distraction requiring specific skills.

HostedPMM removes all this trouble, by providing a ready-to-use PMM server, a perfect solution for database monitoring and query analysis. HostedPMM automates the following operations for each user:

  • Spawn a virtual machine

  • Deploy a PMM server to it

  • Perform initial configuration

  • Set up DNS and SSL for a custom domain

With HostedPMM you get a fully-functional PMM server in minutes!

PMM is a great open-source solution to find and resolve database issues. But it is a bit complicated to set up and support so we decided to make these processes as easy as possible. I believe that HostedPMM will help you spend more time on the product, not infrastructure.Sergei Krupnik, HostedPMM Product Owner.

After you start a PMM server with HostedPMM can rely on us continuously taking care of it, including:

  • PMM server availability

  • Security updates

  • Infrastructure scaling

  • Telemetry data backups

Moreover, HostedPMM users can contact our team for support and assistance to get the most out of PMM using best practice methods for database monitoring.

We need to monitor several high-load MySQL database clusters. Previously we used a self-hosted PMM server and had to do a lot of work that seemed to be unnecessary. We were paying for VPS, kept eye on backups, and even had to monitor our monitoring system. That is ridiculous.It is great that now we basically can outsource PMM hosting, monitoring, scaling, and support. HostedPMM just works and we are not bothered with these routines anymore.Valery Panov, Head of Infrastructure team at Ivinco.

We invite everyone to try the HostingPMM beta for free. No credit card is required to sign up and start using the service.

We encourage you to give us feedback via Twitter, Facebook, or email at You can also reach Sergei Krupnik (HostedPMM Product Owner) directly at

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