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Sergei Krupnik

Sergei Krupnik

August 8, 2023 ・ Case Study

Ivinco Develops Search API for Effyis' SocialGist Project

About the Customer / Background

SocialGist, previously known as BoardReader, handles a large amount of data collected from various social media platforms. The company found itself needing to monetize this data and decided to develop a paid Search API. The project's tech stack initially included PHP and MySQL.

The Challenge

Effyis faced several challenges in developing the new Search API, which included:

  • Creating a comprehensive and high-performance solution

  • Managing user access and permissions

  • Ensuring data security

  • Protecting against system abuse

  • Adhering to a tight schedule

The objective was to develop a solution from scratch that would effectively monetize their data while addressing these challenges.

The Solution

Ivinco, with its expertise in software development, high-performance, and high-availability web apps, provided a solution that was easy to integrate with the existing infrastructure.

The solution involved the development of several products supporting different data types, including forums, images, links, blogs, and news. Over the years, Ivinco worked on the following:

  • Backend for the Search API itself

  • Effective indexing, search, and filtering of large amounts of data (100 TB of text)

  • User and Access management systems (Backend + Frontend)

  • Reliability and DDoS resistance

  • Documentation

Ivinco successfully built a high-performance and reliable solution from scratch that has become one of the core parts of Effyis's business.

Working With Ivinco / How Ivinco Made a Difference

Ivinco's services enable clients to develop high-performance, reliable apps with full-cycle development support for custom requirements and tight schedules.

For Effyis, Ivinco's development of the Search API allowed them to monetize their data and increase revenue.

The client appreciated Ivinco's rapid response to bug fixes, the high quality of their work, their proactive approach to problem-solving, and their flexibility in adapting to the required tech stack.

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