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Sergei Krupnik

Sergei Krupnik

August 8, 2023 ・ Case Study

Ivinco Enhances SocialGist Infrastructure for High Availability and Improved Performance

About the Customer / Background

Socialgist is a data service provider that specializes in collecting, processing, and delivering social media data and other user-generated content from various sources on the internet. Their primary service is providing access to large volumes of data from various social media platforms, blogs, forums, and other online communities to their clients.

The project operates on an on-prem datacenter, utilizing a tech stack that includes Redhat and Debian-based OS, Java, Node.js, and PHP.

The Challenge

SocialGist faced challenges in maintaining optimal uptime due to hardware and software issues, ranging from dead HDDs/PSUs and broken cables to crashes of the main DB and input data rate outages. The project grew rapidly and required high availability and 24/7 support. Ivinco's objective was to improve SocialGist's uptime and performance.

The Solution

Ivinco, a provider of professional DevOps services, infrastructure support, and 24/7 incident response services, was tasked with enhancing SocialGist's infrastructure for better scalability and reliability.

To address hardware-related issues, Ivinco helped to implement full hardware lifecycle management, health monitoring, and resource planning systems. This resulted in a sustainable and reliable infrastructure.

To improve service redundancy and reliability, Ivinco introduced full high availability (HA) coverage for each subsystem, resulting in much higher uptime.

In addition to these improvements, Ivinco provided 24/7 incident response services, including the integration of an incident monitoring and escalation system, the creation of documentation for various types of incidents, and the provision of an emergency phone line and Slack channel.

Working With Ivinco / How Ivinco Made a Difference

Ivinco's customers, including Effyis, benefit from professional DevOps services, seamless infrastructure upgrades and support, and 24/7 incident response services.

In this case, Ivinco successfully upgraded SocialGist's infrastructure and software, achieving an uptime of 99.99% and higher overall performance. By collaborating with Ivinco, Effyis was able to address its tech challenges, resulting in satisfied clients and lower operational costs.

Effyis appreciated Ivinco's proactive, systematic approach, reliability, and responsiveness. Ivinco's engineers dived deep into the project and applied their expertise to find and implement the best possible long-lasting solution.

Effyis continues to cooperate with Ivinco, benefiting from its infrastructure support and 24/7 incident response services.

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