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Sergei Krupnik

Sergei Krupnik

August 8, 2023 ・ Case Study

Ivinco helps Effyis reduce operational costs by migrating its Big Data infrastructure to the on-prem Kubernetes cluster

About the Customer

Effyis is a company that provides paid access to big data collected from social media through its SocialGist project. The project collects data from social media and stores all it for further analysis.

The Challenge

Effyis wanted to optimize its operational costs while increasing density. They also wanted to have more control over changes and cheaper scaling options for their core business.

The Solution

Ivinco, a company that provides Kubernetes migration, optimization, and support services, helped Effyis migrate to an on-prem Kubernetes cluster. Ivinco provided the following services:

  • On-perm cluster setup

  • Cluster authorization, access control, and security setup

  • Cluster storage, management UI

  • Logging and metrics setup including storage and retention

  • Live migration of core business functionality

The primary advantage of the transition was increased efficiency and reduced costs, made possible by the switch to a flexible pod-per-client model and our ability to create various Kubernetes clusters. Furthermore, we transitioned from multiple expensive vendors to an on-premise, open-source infrastructure, thereby eliminating the constraints of previous SaaS vendor lock-in.

Ivinco's expertise and support allowed Effyis to migrate to a secure and reliable on-prem Kubernetes cluster, resulting in improved density, flexible scaling options, and significant cost optimisation.

Working With Ivinco / How Ivinco Made a Difference

By working with Ivinco, customers can securely and reliably migrate to on-prem or cloud-based Kubernetes clusters without interruptions. That brings reduced operational costs and flexible scaling options.

Effyis appreciated Ivinco's professionalism, rapid response time, commitment to open source, and transparency during the migration process.

In conclusion, Ivinco helped Effyis achieve its objective of optimising operational costs while increasing density by migrating its infrastructure to an on-prem Kubernetes cluster. The migration resulted in the freeing up of servers and the adoption of more cost-effective scaling options.

Effyis continues to collaborate with Ivinco to develop and support Kubernetes-based solutions.

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