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Sergei Krupnik

Sergei Krupnik

August 8, 2023 ・ Case Study

Ivinco helps SafeTraces accelerate VeriDART project development by providing web development, cloud, and microservices expertise

About the Customer

SafeTraces is a company specializing in pathogen detection and air ventilation optimisation. Their VeriDART project provides an interface for customers and its back office. Due to the lack of internal development resources and a diverse tech stack consisting of AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, JavaScript, and React, SafeTraces sought external assistance to enhance their project.

The Challenge

SafeTraces faced several challenges, including the need to:

  • Audit technical debt and product development

  • Create a new product for interaction with various stakeholders

  • Urgently develop new features, including support for new pathogen test types

The objective was to automate internal processes, reduce costs, and improve the speed and quality of their services.

The Solution

Ivinco, a team of experts in web development, cloud, and microservices, provided a comprehensive solution to address SafeTraces' challenges. The collaboration involved:

  • Audit of the tech debt, reverse engineering of legacy software

  • Developing a completely new product with a backend and frontend

  • Delivering urgent features on time preserving high quality

  • Providing rapid support and bug fixes

Ivinco also set up an internal replica of SafeTraces' infrastructure for development and testing purposes, ensuring seamless integration.

Working With Ivinco / How Ivinco Made a Difference

By partnering with Ivinco, SafeTraces was able to outsource its development needs without the need to hire additional internal resources. This collaboration allowed SafeTraces to achieve:

  • Software support for new core business products

  • Rapid development and flexibility in addressing changing requirements

  • A scalable workload to meet the growing demands of their projects

SafeTraces appreciated Ivinco's rapid development capabilities, adaptability to changing requirements, and ability to handle a scalable workload. Through their collaboration, Ivinco successfully helped SafeTraces automate internal processes, reduce costs, and improve the speed and quality of their services in the VeriDART project.

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