Web Application Development

No two businesses are alike and each one has it’s own way of executing and delivering its main function. As such, every company has special needs when it comes to their web systems and too often, mass produced software and applications fall short on delivering exactly what they need. By creating a custom web application, you can save your organization lots of time and money while delivering an excellent experience to your future and current clients in a way that only your company knows how.
Ivinco also helps organizations optimize their business process through automation and functionality using modern information access and delivery technology.

Who needs it

  • Startups looking for a professional development team
  • Small businesses
  • Services (accounting, legal, consulting, research, etc)
  • Manufacturing (procurement, logistics, maintenance, inventory management, etc)
  • Sales tools
  • Marketing
  • Non profits and NGOs
  • Government agencies
  • Anyone who needs to implement or extend a large data driven system.


  • To create an application that does exactly what you need it to do.
  • To save your company time and money by building excellent applications that enable you to best serve your clients.
  • To create an application that scales along with your business without requiring major upgrades or changes while maintaining optimal performance.


  • Identify exactly what you would like to achieve with a custom application
  • Design application architecture that fulfills all requirements
  • Develop application according to specifications
  • Deploy application and fine tune it for maximum performance
  • Training (if necessary) of your team to manage application
  • Maintenance and support


  • High quality application that fulfills requirements
  • Training (if necessary)
  • Ongoing support


A custom web application tailored to the needs of your organization, delivering an improved experience to both the users and operators of your website and intranet systems, while giving you a competitive advantage over those who use “cookie cutter” solutions. 

This will help you achieve:
  • More efficiency
  • Higher satisfaction (customer retention)
  • Increased sales (more revenues)
  • Lower operating costs
  • Etc…