Commercial Support for Software

We’ve created a number of free open source software packages (see WordPress, DokuWiki, Joomla, and Drupal). Should you need help with installation, extending functionality or would like to support further software development – please contact us.


Who needs it

Our commercial support is specifically for users of any of our open source software products.


Are you having problems deploying  one of our open source software packages? Do you need to implement more advanced features? Have you found a bug and would like us to jump in ASAP to fix it? Would you like to sponsor further development? Ivinco can help you with any of these issues quickly so that your team doesn’t get sidetracked and lose focus from their main functions.


To provide assistance to users for our software products and help them understand how to implement advanced features, training to help reduce the amount of time needed to understand how to deploy, configure, and maintain our products.


If you need assistance, just contact Ivinco and one of our qualified programmers will be assigned to work with you. It will be very helpful if you have some basic information on-hand when you contact us so that we can provide you with the best solution possible.
Here are some basic questions to get started with:
  • What product do you need support for? Which version?
  • How long have you been using it?
  • Define the problems you are having with as much detail as possible.
  • What are you using the software for?
  • What kind of hardware do you have the software installed on?
  • Can you give us access to your system so that we can look at your installation?


When you sign up for commercial support for our software, you will receive top quality service from the very people who created your product.


By hiring Ivinco to provide commercial support for our software products you will get complete satisfaction. Save time and money as the creators of your software will be able to quickly help you achieve your objectives.


We provide support for the following software:

WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

This plugin allows to use Sphinx Search Engine power to enable ultra-fast and feature-rich search on WordPress-based websites.
Plugin home page | Tutorial | Download latest release

DokuWiki Sphinx Search Plugin

DokuWiki Sphinx search plugin replaces DokuWiki’s built-in search functionality with the Sphinx-powered search which gives high-performance and more relevant search results.
Plugin home page | Tutorial | Download latest release

Joomla Sphinx Search Component

Joomla Sphinx search component enables the Sphinx-powered search with high-performance and more relevant search results.
Component home page | Tutorial | Download latest release

Drupal 7.x Sphinx Search Module

Drupal Sphinx search module gives you more relevant search results and high-performance search by employing the Sphinx Search Server.
Module home page | Tutorial | Download latest release

Indexer for Sphinx real-time indexes

This is a php script which should help when you need to migrate from Sphinx plain indexes to real-time indexes or simply want to make first-time RT indexing.
Read more (Features, Installation, Configuration)
| Download latest release

Feel free to use any of these and if you have any issues or need help with deployment or need any extra features – let us know.

Contact us

To learn more about us, and our services and solutions, please contact our sales team at, or call us on +44 2081 338 205 (UK) or +1 650 318 6651 (USA). We will be happy to talk to you and see how our services could help your specific needs.

We work with clients worldwide!