Performance Audit

We will review your system and provide valuable recommendations that could help you reach your goals or fix your current/future problems. The objective here is not to build a large boring report paper, but to give you a professional practical advice.

The problem

Every system has a limited capacity. And when amounts of data, users, queries, pageviews etc are growing – at some point the performance will start to get worse. It requires certain methods, skills and effort to grasp the capacity and throughput limits to keep the performance stable for growing systems.

  • Is your application getting slower?
  • Are your website’s response times not stable?
  • Is your system growing at a large pace and you want to keep it stable even with higher loads?
  • Is your system’s performance acceptable on peak hours?
  • Are your software/hardware fully optimized to handle the load peaks?

At Ivinco we have great experience on optimizing high-load data-driven systems and we are ready to share our knowledge with you.

The process

We will browse your system to scan for anomalies, review software and hardware configurations, application architecture, database design, indexing, queries etc.

This job usually takes 5 to 15 hours (sometimes more for more complex systems). But you can reduce this time significantly by telling us about your system and determine the depth and complexity of the analysis we should do – answering the following questions prior to contacting us will be very helpful:

  • What software/hardware do you use and for what tasks (no need to get very deep into the specifics here, just for us to have a bird’s eye view)
  • Describe the problem:
    • Do you see performance problems for all your application requests or only for say 15% of them?
    • Maybe most of the requests are OK, except some special cases like certain web-pages/keywords/queries?
    • Do you see performance problems only during peak hours or is it usually stable?
    • (If you cannot answer the above questions most probably you don’t have the right monitoring tools/instrumentation in place. In such case we can deploy such tools for you.)
  • How is your system growing? What are your plans for next quarter/year?
  • What are your performance requirements/goals? (e.g. product pages should load in less than 2 seconds)

The results

The outcome of Performance audit would be to:

  1. Understand the current state and potential of the system (capacity, scaling)
  2. Detect and fix “low hanging fruits”
  3. Agree on the reasonable performance goals
  4. Provide recommendations for future performance optimization (software/hardware changes)

What’s next?

Performance audit will unveil the characteristics of your system that will help you set the right goals for further development and optimization. Ivinco is always ready to help you. We have many years of experience in data-driven systems development, optimization and maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote!

Contact us

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