Drupal 7.x Sphinx Search module

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Ivinco’s Drupal Sphinx search module gives you more relevant search results and high-performance search by employing the Sphinx Search Server. The Sphinx-powered search is super fast even with very large amounts of data.


  • High performance searching;
  • Improved search result relevance;
  • Google-like search syntax;
  • Supports friendly URLs SEO settings;
  • Supports morphological word forms dictionaries;
  • Supports stemming (English, Russian and Czech are built-in);
  • Supports stopwords;
  • Supports both single-byte encodings and UTF-8;
  • And many other Sphinx features


  • Sphinx Search 0.9.9 or higher
  • Drupal 7.x


Drupal Sphinx Search module in action


This component is developed by Ivinco. If you need commercial support, or if you’d like Drupal Sphinx Search module customized for your needs, we can help.